Sunday, 31 August 2014

A Look in My Letterbox! This Weeks Deliveries

This week Olivia and I have been lucky enough to receive some fabulous goodies through the post. I just love receiving things through the post that aren't bills but who doesn't!

So here is a quick round up, with full posts to follow,so keep an eye out if you see anything you like.

First up was a little prize I won on Twitter courtesy of Look Magazine, a Rococo nail varnish set with an RRP of £39! A little treat for my nails. How pretty is the packaging! Beats the little plastic bag it comes in from the poundshop that's for sure! But the question is can it handle the big bad world of retail????? I'll let you know!

Next I got a lovely treat from the people over at Viking. Viking specialise all in your stationary needs, for work or home, a one stop stationary shop! Whether you are looking for pens, paper, tablets, printers be it for your home office, school, or are looking to kit your employees out with all the tools they need you will be able to find what you need all in one place and then some (tea, coffee and toilet roll too!)

They kindly sent me a camera, memory card and some batteries, you always need spare batteries, to help me capture some more great pics for the blog, Wicked Wednesday anyone :) This will take the pressure off my phone for sure and with a 32gb memory card there will be no stopping me from snapping away.

And yesterday I got a double whammy. Firstly there was a little package from Nib Nibs A selection of their mini cheese straws in cheddar, cheddar and onion and cheddar and chilli and some salt and pepper peanuts. I think it goes without saying I can't wait to get stuck into these where would you eat yours?

And lastly I received some fabulous goodies from Surcare. I have really sensitive skin. So sensitive I have only ever used the same brand soap powder and cannot even think about about fabric conditioner! Think itching, lumps, rashes you get the picture, but I think Surcare may be able to help me out on this front. I will keep you all posted. I also got the most divine smelling Yankee Candle, a make your own lip balm kit and a gift card. With my fabulous friend Jo from over Coming From Carsonsmummy we will be treating ourselves to a good old pamper night. Nibbles, see above, gossip and a good pamper session make sure you pop back to see what we got up to.

*Disclaimer: I have been sent the above items to be featured and/or reviewed on the blog.*

Friday, 29 August 2014

Word of the Week: FRAZZLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This week I have started my new position. I have had extra training worked in 2 different stores and come the time this is published I will of been in work since 6am!!!!!!!!!

I am tired.
I am drained.
I have coffee in my veins instead of blood.
I am not sure what day it is, are we still August?
I have only seen Olivia for a few hours since last SATURDAY!
I have stuck to my diet (ish, well mostly for pretty much the whole day)
I have re found my confidence.
I am still smiling (just)
I really, really, really want to sleep.

This week as you can no doubt tell I am literally at the eat, sleep, rave  work, repeat stage and I am exhausted and as I told someone today cabbage! My brain is cabbaged *local slang for well frazzled* I was making no sense but it made for a funny conversation anyway.

So this week I am choosing FRAZZLED as my word of the week, true to my blog name because at this moment in time that is exactly how I feel.

The Reading Residence

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Trendy Tot Thursday: The Summer Dresses Special

Hey guys hope you are all well! This week has seen me start back to work full time so I am massively behind on my blogging but I really didn't want to miss out on a Trendy Tot Thursday post so I thought I would link you to a post Olivia has done on her blog about the dresses she has been wearing this summer. A kind of summer fashion round up so to speak.

It also ties in nicely with the end of the school holidays *happy dance* as I may not be able to join in all the time with her mostly living in her uniform from next Wednesday and me working a lot.

If you would like to click the link below it will take you straight to Olivia's dress post and you are more than welcome to comment either on this post or Olivia's it is completely up to you!

Olivia's Sup's Amazing Blog

Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex

Sunday, 24 August 2014

A Ham Salad Sandwich with Added Crisp!

Olivia's favourite food in the world is bread! However it comes, Bread, Toast, Sandwich Thins, Wraps, Pitta, Naan you name it she will eat it! So it goes without saying that she loves good old butty (as we say up North) with tuna mayo and cucumber.

But me, well I'm not quite so fussy but one thing I do love adding to my sandwiches is crisps or even just crisps on their own I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't love a good crisp butty do you?

Well guess what, it is National Crisp Sandwich Week! A week to celebrate all those tasty combinations we add crisps too! Do you have a favourite? I do I am girl of simple tastes (and mind) and love livening up a simple Ham Salad butty with a pack of plain salted crisps, fyi ham and quaver sarnies are absolutely delish! Trust me give 'em a whirl you won't be sorry.

So to celebrate National Crisp Week with Tots100 and Seabrook Crisps I am sharing with you my Crispy Ham Salad Butty, you are welcome!

The Crispy Ham Salad Butty.

  1. Get all your ingredients ready. I used Warburton's Sandwich Thins, low fat spread, mixed lettuce leaves, cucumber, sliced ham and Seabrooks Sea Salted crisps. 
  2. Separate your sandwich thin and spread with low fat spread (or your preferred choice)
  3. Place sliced ham on the bottom slice.
  4. Add on lettuce and cucumber.
  5. Top with Seabrooks Sea Salted crisps
  6. Place the top of your sandwich thin on the top.
  7. Enjoy!
Of course you can add mayo for extra flavour, or tomato sauce as Olivia does(?) or include tomato and onions or other salad vegetables. personally I left off the tomato as it makes the crisps soggy.

This recipe is an entry into the National Crisp Sarnie Week competition with Seabrook Crisps.