Thursday, 24 July 2014

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I know it may not seem a lot but I would like to say thank you to everyone who has visited my blog over the past 6ish months.

I really appreciate everyone who has popped over and taken the time read or comment or even just chat on twitter, yes I am slightly addicted!

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Warning: Do you use Sun cream?

So, yesterday I went for a day in out in one of our local parks with Olivia and one of my sisters, her 2 kids and one of our friends and her son. The park over looks the River Mersey and for years and years and years and years (honest!) it has played host to a summertime show called Joytime! I used to take part when I was Olivia's age and it is still going strong all these years later!

We took a picnic with us and before we left we covered the kids in suncream as it was looking to be one of the hottest days of the year but......... I don't need sun cream, I mean its England it doesn't really get that hot for me to need it does it! And off we went.

Whilst we ate, we being the grown ups, the trio went off to play as they weren't really in the mood for eating, and we entertained my 10 month old nephew. Before heading to watch the show we again covered them all in factor 50+ but not ourselves regardless of the fact that we were all out in the midday sun!

About half an hour later I started to feel the burn! And boy was I burning, I was sizzling like bacon! So then, and only then did I decide to put sun cream on, because obviously that is the correct time to be putting sun cream on isn't it!

We did keep applying to myself and the kids for the rest of the afternoon but seriously it was an absolute scorcher of a day and at one point we had to put Olivia in the UV tent we had for the baby she's not a sun kinda person at all.

Fast forward to today and boy am I sore but worse is Olivia! After being caked in 50+ she still got burnt and now has tan lines around the straps of her dress.

Cooked like chicken! I am in agony, Olivia isn't quite as red as you can see but she has definitely tanned and will be covering up today! Me however, I will learning my lesson and  using sun cream every time I am out in the sun from now on, well as soon as this burning dies down anyway!

Soooo, what have I learnt!

  1. Sun protection is not just for children!
  2. This country gets hotter than we I realise.
  3. I really need to stop cooking myself to a crisp because it bloomin' well hurts like a ........
Do you do the same as me or do you religiously use sun cream every time you step outside?

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Giants are returning to Liverpool! What to do in Wirral

In April 2012 Liverpool played host to one of the most spectacular outdoor events. It was host to the Giant Spectacular Sea Odyssey. It was a 3 day event to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic and featured giant marionettes roaming the city. Based on a letter sent by a little girl to her father who didn't survive the disaster. She wandered around the city with her dog looking for her uncle.

I took Olivia over and it was an amazing experience to watch and so many people turned up to see her journey! Ironically we watched the event stood opposite the White Star Line building! I actually got goosebumps thinking that 100 years earlier people were gathered outside the same building for answers and news of their families.

This year the Giants are back! Starting their 5 day spectacular on Wednesday 23th July 2014 with Grandmother spending 2 days asleep in St Georges Hall before the main walking part of the attraction from Friday 25th and this year it will be commemorating the start of WW1 in August 1914. There will be a new story and I will be heading over on sunday to witness the spectacular event once again! For more information head over to their website for details of routes and story and all other helpful advice like road closures.

my picture from the Sea Odyssey event 2012
 I can't wait to see this again should be another really good experience fingers crossed it doesn't rain!

Finding New Things to do: What to do in Wirral

This summer I am determined to find as many new and different places to visit and things to do with Olivia for as cheap as possible. As we are also having our first summer with no car I really want to avoid travelling too far to save on paying for bus fares although there is currently a special offer on a child's day saver ticket in my area for £2 a day which is certainly a big help when planning days out.

As you may of seen I have started a new page where I will list things that Olivia and I love to to do in the school holidays and I would also love comments of things you like to do too. You can find that page here I will be updating through the whole holidays as and when I find new things or go on different days out whether they be just information or reviews.

I thought I would share with you some excellent sites to look at for new ideas and full listings for some family friendly activities. One I will be checking out is my local councils What's on page If your council have one of these pages you will find local, and mostly free *woop* activities in your local area. They will feature all parks, libraries and recreation centres in your area. We also have free swimming for kids at set times everyday of any school holidays throughout the year. Always a bonus for these long hot days. I tend to visit with Olivia later on in the day as obviously it gets really busy and a later swim in the day tires her out for bedtime, result!. It is worth checking out your local libraries as they have activities and reading challenges running for children.

One of my favourite places to look for things to do is Netmums. They have all kinds of different workshops, activities, days out and events to visit for every area in the UK. I am in the Merseyside area so it's a great way to find local listings and keep up to date with what is going on. You can also access local bloggers new posts here too and I am sure there will be many reviews and guides as to what they are getting up to with their families too.

Today Olivia and I are visiting Vale Park, New Brighton for Joytime! I remember going to this when I was Olivia's age and she loves going every year. We will be taking a little picnic with us making an afternoon of it in the sun.

I hope you find something here to help keep the kids busy this summer.

Friday, 18 July 2014

What To Do in Wirral: Mersey Ferries

This post is the first for my feature on activities to do in Wirral during the school summer holidays. I have decided to start with Mersey Ferries as it one of Olivia's, and mine, favourite days out. I have always loved going on the 'Ferry cross the Mersey' . It is such an iconic part of Liverpool and Wirral and I love that we live so close to it. Having recently met up with some people on my training programme from work, they were so excited to go on the ferry an experience they couldn't go home without having!

These days Mersey Ferries is so much more than just the ferries taking people from Wirral over to Liverpool and vice versa although they do still play the infamous 'Ferry cross the Mersey' by Jerry and the Pacemakers at the end of the river cruises, each one without fail. Today you can take a trip on the ferry and visit one of their many attractions, you may of heard of Spaceport? or the Uboat story? Or what about the Beatles story? It really is a place to have a great day out.

The Beatles Story - Home
Last summer Olivia and I got an offer to visit all the attractions for price of 1 and we had a lovely day on the ferry, picnic at the Pier Head, then back over to go to Spaceport. They had the Wallace and Gromit exhibition then and it was the first time I had actually visited Spaceport and we had so much fun it was one of Olivia's favourite days out last year.

Now a day out like this isn't going to be cheap but there is always special offers on. I have signed up to receive emails to keep up to date with all offers and special attractions/events (this is a good idea as many places off email discounts or advance booking offers) currently on their booking page a family ticket for River Explorer, U-Boat Story and Spaceport for 2 adults and up to 3 children is £43.00 but you can find more information on their booking page. Or you can visit their Facebook page or Twitter.


We will definitely be visiting over the summer especially as Spaceport has free craft days running during the summer holidays and as it is based in Seacombe Ferry Terminal we can also take advantage of Play Port and visit Cafe across the Mersey whilst the kids play! Visit their Things To Do page to find out all the things you can do on your visit.

*Disclaimer* I wasn't asked to write this post nor did I receive any payment money or otherwise.  I have done so as a guide of things that I enjoy to do with Olivia in our local area. All links are included as a helpful guide for anyone considering a visit. I have written permission to use all pictures in this post.